Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Corruption Free" India Not A Distant Dream Anymore

We all know that Corruption has always been a longstanding social evil un the day to day life of every Indian citizen. The Indian government has always made anti-corruption measures available for the benefit of the citizen, but corruption has always defeated those measures and flourished. We are sure that each one of you or your family has directly or indirectly been a victim of corruption.
Do you want to go on, tolerating corruption OR should we all join forces to chase corruption out of everyday routine of an Indian citizen?

The fight against corruption need no longer be the worry of the government alone. Ironically corruption is the only language the whole India understands. We need like minded supporters to work towards a common goal
“Corruption Free India”

Interested in joining hands with us to work to create change, towards an India free from corruption?

5th Pillar has announced August 2007 to be a corruption free month in India, and is planning for a state wide drive in Tamil Nadu to raise awareness about corrupt practices prevalent in India and to transfer knowledge to our next generations in schools and colleges on fighting corruption through RTI (Right To Information act).

We have now appointed Area Coordinators for 29 towns/cities/district HQ in Tamil Nadu and few major towns and cities in other parts of India. We are now embarking on a 30 day road show of 5th Pillar's "Freedom From Corruption" campaign spearheading the campaign with the powerful 'RTI' Act and the 'Sign of Unwillingness to Bribe' - the Zero rupee note. We are starting on Sunday the 5th Aug, 07 and ending on 5th Sep 07.
We are covering all the districts of TN in those 30 days, we would have distributed 1.5 lakh Zero Rupee notes to school children, youth in colleges and the general public, and we would have obtained lakhs of signatures on our 'very large' Zero Rupee Note banner from people enroute our tour.

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