Monday, September 24, 2007

Effective Public Speaking Workshop for 5th Pillar Volunteers.

Effective Public Speaking Workshop
Date: 23rd September, Sunday 2007.
Time: 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Venue: 5th Pillar - Office
Trainer: Mr. Ranganathan, (Professional Personality DevelopmentTrainer).
  1. Mr. Naveen (5th Pillar , Volunteer & Fashion Technology Student)
  2. Mr. Kesav (5th Pillar , Volunteer & student of Nazerath college)
  3. Mr. Joseph (Operations Manager - Ripple Soft Systems)
  4. Mr. Veeramani (5th pillar - Public Relations Coordinator)
  5. Mr. Ganesh (Regional Manager - Colgate Palmolive)
  6. Mr. Bhagyaraj (Student, New College)

The session started with self introduction. Then the trainer asked the question "What are all the benefits of public speaking for the speaker?"Everyone said few points and at last the Trainer said, the benefits of public speaking for the speaker can be listed as follows:

  1. Increase in Confidence level
  2. Recognition as a Leader
  3. Clarity of thinking
  4. Obtains more knowledge
  5. Broad-minded thinking
  6. Obtains Fame and
  7. Reputation.

Also discussed about, how people think that they are not good atspeaking and they think low of themselves.Only mind set moulds a speaker into a good speaker.Then every one spoke upon a topic to test their capabilities ofspeaking.

Mr. Naveen - spoke on the topic 5th Pillar .Mr. Veeramani also spoke on the topic 5th Pillar RTIMr. Kesav spoke on the topic 5th Pillar .Mr. Joseph spoke on the topic - Own experience with RTI.

As a conclusion, the Trainer said the next session will be upon threeC's. They are: Confidence, Content and Connectivity.A good speaker should have 50% of Confidence, 30% of Connectivity and20% of Content.

The session disolved at 6.00 PM and the date of the next session will beannounced later.

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