Monday, September 24, 2007

Minutes of meeting held on Sept 16 , 2007

5th Pillar - District Coordinators meeting held on 16th daySeptember 2007 at 2.00 PM in the 5th Pillar office.
The attendees of the meeting are:
  1. Mr. Vijay Anand (President)
  2. R. Venkatesan (Vilupuram)
  3. P. Rajamanickam (Salem)
  4. K. Jebaraj (Tirunelveli)
  5. M. Visali (Cheyyar)
  6. E. Kamalathan (Tharamani)
  7. S. Nagarajan (Chennai)
  8. S. Saminathan (Thoraipakkam)
  9. S.P Narayanaswamy (Administrative Officer)
  10. R.K Ravichandran (Iyyappanthangal)
  11. S. Uma Suryapriya (Saidapet)
  12. P. Babu (Nagercoil)
  13. S.V Anandhan (Vellore)
  14. T.R Sathish Kumar (Thoraipakkam)
  15. S. Pandiyan (Thoraipakkam)
  16. K. Pichandi (Triplicane)
  17. P. Rajamanickam (Salem)
  18. R. Venkatesan (Vilupuram)
  19. T.S Balasubramaniam (Madipakkam)
  20. Dr.S. Marceline (Lecturer, Anna Adarsh College)

The minutes of the meeting are as follows:

  1. All the district should form the district committee as earlier as possible in the below hierarchical order:
  • The district committee heads will be District President, District Secretary and District Treasurer.
  • RVC - RTI & Vigilance Coordinator.This role is very important and the responsibility of this role isto give training/awareness to all the other district members, public and followup with the RTI related proceedings &vigilance actions. The person who is taking over this role should bededicated and well-trained in RTI and other social causes of the society.
  • SDC - Sponsors & Donors Coordinator.This role is important to generate funds for the organisationand so the person who is handling this role should be trustful and honest person. The person should able to get sponsorships and donations for our programs, campaigns, meetings etc from well-wishers and like-minded individuals.
  • MSC - Membership Services Coordinator.This role is important to increase the memberships. The person whois taking over this role will be responsible for the membership additionand thereby generating funds for the organisation through memberships.
  • SBC/SGC - Students Boys Coordinator / Students Girls Coordinator.This role is important to accelerate the organisations strength in the student community. The person who is taking over this role should be from Student Community and he/she will arrange for meetings/chats withinthe students and give awareness/trainings about RTI and our organisation and accelerate the relationships and memberships.
  • PRC - Public Relations Coordinator This role is very important to build the relationships with publicand also responsible for advertising about ourorganisation in public by different ways including media.
  1. Every District Coordinators should have attended the RTI training andshould be knowledgable to answer any types of questions regarding RTI &other social issues.
  2. Regarding issue of Identity Cards to all members will be considered.However President suggested that ID cards can be given after six monthsto one year after knowing whether the individual really interested inour organisation and its vision & principles or else making ourselvesclear that the member may stand with us being strong in the ideology ofeliminating corruption from the society.
  3. Appointment Order letters for the District Committee who all arerecently elected will be issued soon.
  4. It is decided to conduct regular meetings in all levels of the organisation without fail on monthly basis.The decided schedule for the monthly meeting in all levels of the organisations are as follows:
  • Village/town panchayats level - 1st day of every month.
  • Constituent Assembly level - 5th day of every month.
  • District Level - 10th day of every month.
  • Zonal Level - 20th day of every month.The state level meeting date will be announced in prior.

The meeting dissolved at 6.00 PM after resolving the above decisions.

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