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Press release - The Hindu online Edition, Aug 30 2007
Campaign to end corruption
Staff Reporter
50,000 signatures obtained from people in districts
Coimbatore: Fifth Pillar, an organisation formed for fighting corruption, has declared August as a month for getting freedom from “corruption” and is on a campaign across the State.
The organisation under the leadership of Vijay Anand of Washington Tamil Sangham is working with an objective to “encourage, enable and empower every citizen of India to eliminate corruption at all levels of society.” Encourage
On the arrival of the campaign team in Coimbatore, Mr. Vijay Anand in a release said that the organisation was on the job of visiting all the districts in the State to meet one lakh school and college students and one crore members of the public to encourage them to fight corrupt practices at all levels.
The campaign team had already visited Chennai, Tiruvallur, Kancheepuram, Tiruvannamalai, Vellore, Villuppuram, Pondicherry, Salem and Tiruchirapalli districts and was finally in Coimbatore district recently.Dummy notes
To attract the attention of the public, the campaigners have been distributing dummy currency notes in the denomination of Zero Rupees and the currency note would have slogans against corruption.
In addition, the campaign team was also getting the signatures of the people on a huge banner being carried to the districts.
So far 50,000 signatures have been obtained from people in districts that had been visited by the campaign team. The campaigners were also educating the non-governmental organisations on the need for effectively using the Right to Information Act to deter officials from indulging in corrupt practices. Delay
The campaigners pointed out that inordinate delay caused by the government officials in giving away certificates was proving to be the root cause for corrupt practices.
He also suggested measures to make the procedures simple for getting various certificates from government offices.
The organisation could be contacted at 044-65273056 / 94451 64555 or at website or by email at ENDcorruption
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