Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Securing a Ration Card

Jayavelu from Kadambavakkam village in Villupuram district had applied for ration card in March 2009, after applying to have his name removed from his parents ration card. He had been visiting the Dindivanam Taluk Supply office for 6 months and every time he was informed that his card has gone for printing and that he would be receiving it in a few weeks. When he did not receive the card, he wrote a letter to 5th Pillar head office in Chennai, seeking guidance. The RTI coordinator at 5th Pillar, filed an RTI petition on 29th September 2009. He received his ration card on 28th October 2009. When people like him had to wait for months to get his ration card which is his privilege, thousands of bogus ration cards were confiscated in Krishnagiri Dist. We experience corruption on both sides, one they ask bribe to do their duty and another side is they get bribe to work diligently to issue false documents.