Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2nd Day of Honest Politics Course - 9th january, 2010

The speaker for the second day of the course was Mr. Ilango, from Kuttambakkam village near Arakonam. He is a Chemical Engineer, who graduated from IIT Madras and after working a few years in the submarine decided to return to his native village to elevate the living standards of the people. He spoke about the projects he undertook and the practical difficulties he had to overcome to achieve success. He was an inspiration for the young as he was able to act on the social issues.
The afternoon session was conducted by Mr. Arumugam who spoke on the topic of Parliamentary Activities. He discussed about the topic, "Why educated keep away from the polling booths?". He attributed many factors to this like, frustration at the existing political and governmental setup and governance, no alternative to the existing two or more political factions, exercising money and muscle power to sway the illiterates, and by misleading the illiterates by creating an illusion of merging the celluloid and real life as one.

The evening session was initiated by Mr. James, who spoke about “ Role of youth in bringing Political Innovation”. He explained, how the current political climate discourages the youth in all aspects of attaining their full potential, as Corruption plays a key factor in deciding the rightful placements in various opportunities. He believes that the youth can bring a political innovation by following the three basic principles, Awareness, Raise for social issues and Acting or participating.

The children should be taught from school about our political structure and governance and encourage them to be model citizens. In order to make a change for betterment one should first understand the core principles and activities. First step would be to understand the parliamentary proceedings and about the ways in which a Bill can be passed and the functions of each governmental bodies and representatives. To this effect the instructor gave an assignment to the participants to visit their local ward councilor and get an input on the ongoing projects in their constituency. These practical assignments are very effective in understanding the topics covered in class.

As a Social and Political aspirant one should be able to address the social regressions in the society and come up with possible remedies.

The Youth can restore the faith in democracy by participating in the elections and by becoming a political professional.

After each session there are group discussions to encourage the participants to voice their opinions about the current political climate in our country.

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