Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Run for a Cause

On 16 January, 2010 5th Pillar conducted a list of activities at the preschool in Uralvaimozhi village in Tirunelveli District. K. Nayanar (Chapter coordinator), Shankararaju (Secretary), Natarajan (Organizer), convened the meeting and was attended by Jayaselvan (RTI coordinator, Chennai), and N. Sumathi (Public Relations Officer, Chennai) from 5th Pillar Chennai, and students from local school and general public. Natarajan gave a detailed outline of the activities undertaken by 5th Pillar, followed by Jayaselvan who spoke about the RTI. He explicated in detail about the benefits of the act and in situations it can be used to get things done. He unraveled a case scenario for obtaining a delayed ration card. He explained about framing the proper questions in the petition to get favourable results. The public were very encouraged to hear about the success stories achieved by writing such petitions.
Sumathi, spoke on the topic of "Corruption in Society". The passionate discourse by Sumathi motivated the public and students to have an interactive session. Baskar from the village Chinnamuttam of Kanyakumari District, proclaimed on stage that he would be opening a Chapter of 5th Pillar at his hometown.
At around 1 p.m. nearly 70 students from local high school, along with a few volunteers from public ran a marathon of 11km from Uralvaimozhi to Radhapuram. The organizers and the personnel from Chennai office went along the marathon route and distributed Zero Rupee Notes, and RTI flyers to create an awareness among the village community about the existing assistance available to solve their problems.

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