Sunday, January 3, 2010

2nd Jan 2010 1st day of Honest Politics Course

"Academy of Honest Politics", course commenced on January 2nd, 2010 at the 5th Pillar Office in Chennai. Dr. Viswanathan, HOD of the Political Science Department of Presidency college gave the first lecture on the topic "Democratic Principles and Status Quo of Political System", were he discussed in detail about the nature of our Constitution and the structure of our Central and State Governments and their legislative powers for governance. He mentioned salient features of our Constitution like,
1. Supreme court is the guardian of our Constitution
2. Giving Union Parliment the unilateral power to alter the boundaries of the existing States.
3. Enforcing an independent judiciary that is immune from the influence of any external political factions. This is just a verse, that is in our book of Constitution but which is not implemented in our society due to the incurrent abominable issue "Corruption".
In the afternoon session Mr. Arumugam a P.hd student spoke on the heading "Root cause Analysis of Political Decay". He had interesting ideas to motivate the participants by putting out thought provoking questions like , Why do Indians display Patriotism only in the cricket stadium?. Effects of opportunistics politics, muscle and money power was mentionned as critical factors in the deterioration of our democracy. Details of the governing bodies and their legislative powers were explained to better understand the structure and functioning of our Government.
The evening session was conducted by Mr. James, a business management analyst, who spoke on the topic of "Political and Professional opportunity for youth in India". He discussed on topics of Administrative and Political innovation. His main idea for reform was Inclusive governance , were governmental Institutions and Policies are accessible, accountable and responsive to disadvantaged groups, by providing equal opportunities for public services such as health, education and Justice.
It is a well known fact that our Constitution is one of the voluminous document in the world as it contains detailed provisions and explanations for good governance. Yet our democracy has declined due to poor governance as a result of CORRUPTION.

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