Monday, January 18, 2010

Demanding Bribe from an ex Police Officer

Retired Head Constable Gnanasigamani, residing at 2nd Street, Mumurthi Avenue, Kaspapuram, near Tambaram was cornered to pay a bribe of Rs. 7000 by Subramaniakuram, a foreman at the Madampakkam electricity department for converting the connection from single phase to three phase current at her residence. Gnanasigamani had already paid an amount of Rs. 8000 at the electricity department and had a receipt. When she was being stalled in getting the connection, she approached the vigilance department who set up a sting operation. Place for money transfer was setup at Gnanasigamani's house. When the foreman came to accept the money he was arrested by the police officers and was taken to the Chengalpet Court. There he was sentenced to Puzhal Jail.

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