Tuesday, January 12, 2010

December RTI Sessions at Chennai Office

On 5th December, 2009 an RTI training was conducted in the Chennai Office. There were 12 participants and the participants were trained on how to file an RTI petition. This is a starting point as these trained individuals will be able to help the fellow citizens in their community to file similar petitions and educate them about RTI Act. This is one way to empower our citizens and to propagate our mission into the society. Vijayanand initiated a group discussion among the participants which helped them in understanding the issues in different perspective which in turn motivated them further to fight for the cause.
On 12th December,2009 another RTI training was conducted in the Chennai Office. There were 6 participants, and the meeting was conducted by the Executive Director Mr. Banu and Vigilance coordinator Mr. T. Jayaselvan. After the training session they got the feedback to see if there is a need for improvisation. This commitment is vital for the growth of the organization. During this sessions the participants are trained to write their petition by themselves. This will empower them to file other RTI petitions.
On 26th December, 2009 we conducted another RTI training session for 15 participants at Chennai Office. The session was very interesting as all the participants had stories to say about their past experiences and the discussion was very fruitful in coming to a conclusion about how to face the similar situation in future. Many of them said that they were angry but did not know what to do. At the end of the session they all felt that they can best handle the situation by silently walking away from a volatile situation and then counteract with the powerful tool of RTI.
These RTI sessions are very interactive and each participant is educated to write his/her own petition. By doing this the participants get adept in writing petitions which will further motivate them to resort to RTI when the need arises.

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