Monday, February 8, 2010

30-01-2010, 5th Day of Honest Politics Course - Role of Money in Politics

The 3rd day of Honest Politics course kicked off with an interesting topic about Root cause analysis of political deacy and ecosystem for political innovations. Role of money in political elections was discussed in detail. This is not a new concept for the participants as they are well aware of the sorry state of Central and State politics and the ever popular recent Madurai by-election, where the ministers paid Rs.7000 for a vote was an eye opener. Voters are always swayed by promises of free amenities like tv, clothes and what not. Unfortunately as these are distributed to the lower income groups who are the major participants of the elections the trend of politics has changed. While this is the case for the lower income group, the higher end influence the political layout by donating large sums for their favourite parties in return for favours that are illegal. The burnt sector is always the working class who pay taxes regularly and have to wait for services indefenitely. Real examples and data pertaining to the spurt of wealth by politicians was analysed in detail. Electoral systems of India, UK, US and Germany was compared and analyzed in detail to better understand the functioning and the legislative powers of Houses and elected members. The supreme power in each political system and salient amendments was explained.
Mr.Valasarajan, DSP in DVAC, Chennai, the guest speaker for the morning session invited lot of interesting queries from the participants as they were eager to know the functioning and limitations of the department. These kind of public participation from the Vigilance Department will boost the morale and confidence among the public to approach them.

In the evening session, Mr. James covered topics on Political Professional Opportunities for Youth in India.The objective of political innovation is bringing the political and governance system closer to the people. For this, RTI Act has been a great asset, whereby it has enabled the civil society and individuals to question the functioning of the government. Opportunities for political professionals as market researchers and political analysts was explained in depth. Market research is conducted for understnding what people need and believe. The popular discussion forum on TV is a methodology of market research to understand the same. Political Analyst with a background in business, politics and economy, analyzes political scenario, social issues and solutions tabled in the parliament and brings out concise reports and articles.

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