Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anti- Corruption Awareness Among Aspiring Entrepreneurs in SRM Business School

Businesses were money is the focal point, is were corruption plays havoc. Freedom from corruption campaign, conducted at the SRM Business School, Vadapalani campus, Chennai on 22nd February 2010,  was attended by 110 students. Mr. Vijay Anand, President of 5th Pillar, addressed the students on the topic of, "Freedom from Corruption". Powerpoint presentation about the evils of corruption, remedial measures adopted to affront, like the use of Zero Rupee Note, filing RTI(Right to Information) petition, gave a detailed layout of the functioning of our organization. Zero Rupee Notes were distributed to all the participants and they took a pledge, to neither accept nor receive bribe. Further, they demonstrated their solidarity by signing on the 30 feet Zero Rupee banner, to display their unity against corruption. Mr. Nambi, from 5th Pillar, spoke about the initiatives taken by the vigilance department and encouraged the citizens to approach the department for help. He emphasized on the success stories achieved by utilizing the Zero Rupee Note to confront the takers, which are tabled in the 5th pillar website, to give a clear indication of victory against bribery. Mr. Subramani, Director of Operations of 5th Pillar, gave a brief account of the Right to Information Act, and invited the students to attend the free RTI training sessions conducted every Saturday in our office from 4-6pm. Students revealed their frustration when they recollected the fee they had to pay, to obtain their drivers license. Every thing involving the government offices include bribe, which is a harrasement to the common public. Change can evolve slowly, when the takers realize, that they are also part of the citizen community and understand that the culture they procreate, will oneday affect themselves.   

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