Friday, February 26, 2010

Freedom From Corruption Campaign in Pondicherry Community College, 12th Feb 2010

Cruelty of Corruption is experienced by everyone in the present day. It is a vicious cycle that sometimes derails a family, like in the case of a mother who commited suicide, as her daughter was refused education loan, because of their inability to pay the demanded bribe. Many are adamant to stoop down and pay the ransom, and so openly protest and by joining anti-corruption organizations like us take a stand against Corruption.
On February 2010, 180 NSS students of Pondicherry Community College, expressed their support to our movement against corruption by taking a pledge to neither accept nor give bribe   . President of 5th Pillar Mr. Vijay Anand, gave a presentation on the title "Freedom from Corruption", highlighting the field activities of our organization and also mentioned about our student chapter in educational institutions called SAC (Students Against Corruption). They had many queries about the exact measures adopted by our organization to combat a practical situation like traffic constable asking for bribe inspite of all the relevant documents, and so on. Mr. Anand explained the exact way to tackle the situation and also refered to the inclusion of the Motor Vehicles Act in the website of 5th Pillar that gives a detailed penalty or fee structure for each infarction. After the presentation many students approached Mr. Anand and disclosed their personal encounters with bribery. Youth of today are very passionate about the social evils and are always willing to voice their indignation and are not afraid to confront the perpetrators, which is a great motivation for us to create awareness among the coming generations.

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