Thursday, February 18, 2010


Corruption and money go hand in hand. Givers initiate the takers. The common philosophy of the takers are that they are accepting the gifts offered to them and the philosophy of the givers are that they are appreciating for the services received. First initiative to eradicate this social evil is to make people understand that corruption destroys the social network. Greed is induced, and the word "enough" in the vocabulary is forgotten.
An awareness campaign was conducted at CMC Ltd, Chennai on 10th February 2010 between 3:30- 5 pm. Rick Westhead, journalist of Canadian daily newspaper called Toronto Star, accompanied Mr. Vijay Anand, the President of 5th Pillar to witness the awareness campaign. This was very interesting, as we were addressing a different spectre of people. IT professionals are well paid and their view of corruption was very different. Vijay Anand spoke about the RTI Act and its implementation in different scenarios for solving practical problems encountered in our daily life, like obtaining a ration card, electricity connection, getting a birth certificate etc,. Zero Rupee Notes were distributed to all the participants to encourage them to use them if they are asked for a bribe. The back of the Note has the contact information of our office so that the public can reach us if ever they are stopped for bribe. It is very sad when some of the IT professionals justify themselves for paying the bribe to get their work done immediately as they are pressed for time. They are unaware that they are nurturing evil by bribing. By explaining the vicious cycle that they are initiating by bribing we hope to contain this from burgeoning. Vijay Anand explained about how paying the bribe, as the so called "Extra Fee", affects the life's of innocent citizens. The Journalist who was an active observer of the entire program, then interviewed some of the professionals to get their perspectives in detail.

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