Monday, February 22, 2010

Judge's View About Corruption in India

Ministry of Law and Justice is a prominent ministry of India that comprises of the three departments namely, Department of Legal Affairs, Legislative Department and Department of Justice. Judges who uphold the law are very instrumental in directing the nation's growth, and hence the stand they take against corruption is critical.
Mrs. Tamarai selvi, a former Judge who is currently a Law College professor in Coimbatore, created a stir in the media when she strongly condemned Corruption by saying that government officers, who accept bribe, can quit their jobs and go begging in the streets. She is well known for her uprightness, and so when she voiced her strong disdain against corruption, she was applauded for her straightforwardness.
She is an ardent supporter of 5th Pillar, and during her son's wedding reception in Coimbatore, on 14th February 2010, 5th Pillar volunteer Meganathan, set up a table at the wedding hall and distributed the Zero Rupee Notes to all the guests and dignitaries who attended the reception. Law College students who attended the reception were very interested to hear about the field activities and RTI training sessions conducted by our organization. As future lawyers they were interested to learn the practical ways to tackle the issue of corruption, and welcomed us to conduct an RTI training session in their college. It is a great success as we were able to convince at least more than 25 future lawyers to fight against corruption. Once every citizen  becomes aware of the crippling effect of corruption, it would be easier to tackle it.

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