Thursday, February 18, 2010

RTI Training in Tirupattur on 7th February, 2010

The recent article on Jan 29th,2010 in Hindustan Times, New Delhi, is very encouraging for reluctant people to adopt to RTI to solve their problems. The article mentions, a man using the petition to find his cellphone that was pick-pocketed. The police who were reluctant to file an FIR for the lost phone had no choice but to recover the phone in a month with the unique IMEI and SIN number of the phone. Stories like this published in the papers are encouraging the citizens to use the Act and we have been facilitating them by conducting RTI training sesssins on a regular basis.
On 7th February, 2010 an awarness campaign and RTI training session was conducted in the Government Boy's Higher Secondary School, Tiruppatur. Mr. Chakravarthy, the coordinator of 5thPillar at Tiruppatur organized the event, and the chief guest Dr. Padmanabhan of Uzhal Ethirppu Iyakkam, presided and gave a speech about corruption and its calamities. RTI coordinator of Chennai office, Mr. Jayaselvan, gave a detailed account of the activities of 5th Pillar and distributed the Zero Rupee Notes, to all the participants. More than 100 people took part in this awareness campaign and all of them pledged to neither give nor take bribe. Jayaselvan spoke about the RTI Act, the scenarios were a petition can be filed to obtain the basic rights,the next step to be followed when a favourable answer was not received after filing the petition and so on.
In the afternoon session, RTI training was conducted, were the participants were taught how to write the petition for different scenarios. The participants were very eager to share their personal encounters and the discussion was very thought provoking. The RTI training sessions are a way to armor our citizens to face the current corrupt scenario.

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