Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5th Pillar chapter initiation at Hyderabad is in progress

President of 5th Pillar Mr. Vijay Anand was invited as a guest speaker at the TedX Hitechcity Conference held at Hyderabad on January 31st, 2010. "Freedom from Corruption" was the topic covered at this conference and his keynote speech on Zero Rupee Note sparked interest among the participants. Exact role play of 5th Pillar at combatting corruption using Zero Rupee Note and filing RTI (Right to Information) petition, was the highlight of his speech. TedX is a good forum to display novel ideas and to initiate thought provoking discussion on related issues of importance.
Mr. Anand's speech sparked interest among the participants, who then approached him with a proposal of initiating a 5th Pillar chapter in Hyderabad. To this effect, a meeting was scheduled on 13th March, bringing together all interested participants of TedX conference and localites, to discuss on the action plan for initiating a chapter and to model a similar working environment as the head quarters in Chennai. Captain Dr. Sathya Prasad, Director of 5th Pillar chapter of Andhra Pradesh, presided over this meet and gave a detailed workplan and the effective use of RTI Act to address corruption. He apprised the participants to play an active role in the community by creating awareness among the localites about anti-corruptiuon and use of Zero Rupee Note and RTI Act to combat corruption. Awareness campaign beign conducted year round in colleges, schools and companies were explained, to give a better idea of the working nature of the organization. RTI training sessions conducted periodically every Saturday at our Chennai office was explained as an important means to dissiminate the message across wider platform, were every trained individual will in turn help the needy in their community by filing RTI petitions. Initiating a chapter at Hyderabad is in progress, and more number of people have been approaching from other organizations to join hands in the common goal "Anti-Corruption".

Thursday, March 25, 2010

5th Pillar conducts Awareness Campaign at Corporation middle school in Chennai

Director of Operations of 5th Pillar, Mr. Subramani and Program coordinator Mr. Sarathbabu, conducted an anti-corruption awareness campaign at Corporation middle school, at Chetpet in Chennai on 18th March. The program was organized by Loyola college computer science department students as part of the OUTREACH program,were students of each department adopt a particular slum and provide services like education, information session of available government support programs, environment consciousness and economic programs for the underprivileged. Through this program they have helped 5 handicapped people to become self employed by aiding them to establish their own small business. On 18th March, the school celebrated the sports day were certificates were distributed to the winners and was attended by nearly 125 people of which 50 were Loyola college students and the rest were local residents. Mr. Subramani from 5th Pillar, spoke about anti-corruption, RTI( Right to Information) Act and explained about our organization and the ways we tackle corruption. Zero Rupee Notes were distributed to all the participants and they took an oath to neither accept nor receive bribe. Puzzle book were distributed to all the school students by our volunteers. Students of middle school were very interested to learn about the Zero Rupee Note and how it has stopped corrupt officials from demanding bribe. They were fascinated to see a note that looks very similar to a regular 50 Rs note that can be used to demonstrate unwillingness to pay bribe. More the people learn about the anti-corruption movement that is on the uprising they will have the courage and motivation to say No in the first place. Distributing the Zero Rupee Notes is to make people aware that there is our organization which is taking a stand against corruption, and to encourage people to oppose bribery.

Monday, March 22, 2010

9th Day of Honest Politics Course on 27th February, 2010

Nexus between Politics, Mafia and business was the topic covered in the morning session. Elected representatives of different parties across different states, joining hands in business to erode the taxpayers money was explained in detail with actual facts, to better understand the depth of corruption by political parties. Telangana issue and the extent to which it has disrupted the regular life of the public was discussed in depth. Corruption witnessed in the mining industry and the arrest of ex chief minister of Jharkhand, who rose very quickly to the highest office in a short time by serving as the minister of mining were quoted as examples to understand the extend of corruption embedded deep in our political framework. Mafia's role in coal, timber, contract work like highways, construction etc,. completely derails our economy by syphoning money into off shore accounts. Crucial social and economical issues along with law and order are marginalised for short-term political gains. The role of criminals in politics began in a big way with the criminals needing politicians' protection against the processes of law and paying  for it in advance by helping them in elections and otherwise. The only hope is in an awakened citizenry rising and forcefully asserting their sovereign right to change the system.
Party Democracy, types of parties, and 2 types of democracy namely direct and indirect was covered in the afternoon session. Relation between parties and democracy and the importance of good parties for a successful democracy was outlined. The instructor emphasized the importance of support from all civil bodies for successful implementation of democracy.
Effective leadership and communication skills was the topic covered in the evening session by Mr. James. Effective leadership qualities like functional expertise, strong administrative skills, visionary and one among the people are vital for attracting the masses. Tamil Nadu chief minister C. Annadurai had mass appeal and his speech were well received by all factions of people as he had excellent communication skills. Youth of today who have access to various media and platform can enhance their leadership skills and take an active role in redesigning our political field.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

5th Pillar's Awareness Campaign in US Engineer's wedding in Gobichettipalayam

5th Pillar's team set-up an information desk in the wedding reception of Mr. Arul, US Engineer to Ms. Suganya in Gobichettipalayam. President of 5th Pillar Mr. Vijay Anand, addressed the guests of the wedding about the operations of our organization, and the importance of taking a stand against corruption, for better society. Mr. Anand gave a detailed list of success achieved by distributing Zero Rupee Note to corrupt officials and by filing Right to Information (RTI) petitions to solve basic problems, like obtaining ration card, land patta, student loan etc. Public are sometime shocked when we say that they can get their ration card without paying bribe. To motivate them Mr. Anand gave them a list of instances when our organization filed an RTI petition to obtain basic necessities like ration card, electricity connection on time. Volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed Zero Rupee Notes to all the guests and encouraged them to approach our organization when they are forced to pay bribe. Many of the guests were very interested to know about the organization that is fighting their battle, and some right away became a member of our organization to show their support. Weddings have a big gathering from different cities and would be an ideal venue to spread the message among broader spectrum. Some retired government officials who attended the wedding extended their support to our organization by donating their time and expertise.

College Students in Gobichettipalayam participate in 5th Pillar's Anti-corruption campaign

Witnessing a chain reaction in human tendency at New York bus station, gave me the confidence that the anti-corruption movement will definitely spread widely and effectively if one of us take the first step.
I saw a person struggling with his 3 rolling suitcases to follow in line to get into the bus. So he put 2 of his suitcases aside and went ahead with one of his suitcase. There were people who went after him but did not bother to offer help. A man who was standing far behind in the line, came forward and helped him to move the suitcases till the door. Seeing this act of kindness another person volunteered to take a suitcase from him and both these men helped the other guy to load his suitcases in the bus. It took one person to initiate this act of kindness, to kindle same consciousness in another being.
I truly believe that initiating an action is very vital, if we need a reaction, and that is what we are in pursuit of, by conducting awareness campaigns in colleges. Mr. Vijay Anand, President of 5th Pillar, Shobila Kali, Director of 5th Pillar, Washington and volunteers of 5th Pillar conducted an awareness campaign in Kamadhenu Arts & Science College and PKR Arts & Science College, Gobichettipalayam Arts & Science College near Gobichettipalayam on 4th and 5th March, 2010 . Mr. Anand spoke on the topic of, “ Freedom from Corruption”, and gave a detailed account of all the ongoing activities of our organization to combat corruption, and the success achieved by distributing Zero Rupee Note to the corrupt officials and filing the Right to Information(RTI) petitions. He engaged in active discussion with the students to understand their encounters with this social demon, and how they dealt with the situation. Some students were very eager to jump right into action and play a role in eradicating this issue. Volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed Zero Rupee Notes, to all the students and staff present for the presentation, and they took a pledge to neither accept nor give bribe. Students became member of 5th Pillar, to show their solidarity to the anti-corruption movement.
5th Pillar coordinator for Gobichettipalayam Mr. M.Ramasamy, Retired Executive Engineer of PWD, addressed the students and asked them to urge their parents to seek 5th Pillar's help if they are confronted with a situation of bribery. He gave out his cell phone no. +91 98-43-041215 to the students to make note of and call at such times. He also offered his company's office space to be used as 5th Pillar's Gobi office at the following address.

5th Pillar Gobi Chapter,
C/o Kaveri Constructions,
Diamond Jubilee Shopping Center,
Main Road, Gobichettipalayam-638452

Tel: +91 98-43-041215

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Illegal sale of property using forged documents were rectified by filing RTI petition

Samuthiraraj from Karisalkulam village in Kovilpatti Taluk of Tuticorin District was robbed off his family property by miscreants in cohesion with corrupt government official, Rajendran who apparently registered the forged documents and sold it to another person. Similar crime was committed with 10 other people from the same village and its surroundings. Samuthiraraj and the other victimized approached the District Registrar, Taluk officer and Sub Registrar of Kovilpatti Taluk, pleading with them to intercept the wrong doings, and return their rightful property. Their pleadings were brushed aside as they were reluctant to take action against their fellow official Rajendran, who had recently been promoted as the District Registrar of Periyakulam. Samuthiraraj, who came to know about our organization, sought our help to solve this issue.

5th Pillar Chennai office filed an RTI (Right to Information) petition on behalf of the victim Samuthiraraj on January 12th, 2010. The forged documents and the sale of the property were cancelled on 1st February, 2010. Not only Mr. Samuthiraraj, but all the other 10 affected villagers' forged sale documents were cancelled. This is a remarkable success to RTI Act itself. Our RTI coordinators directed the next step of reclaiming their documents with their name, by guiding them through the next step of procedure to follow. This is a very motivating incident for the residents of this village, and has instilled confidence on the RTI Act.

The only sorry side of this story is both the rightful owner as well as the buyer are cheated whereas the middle men loot away. The buyers should always ensure proper documentation and should not fall trap to reduced price.

5th Pillar's RTI team saves public road from private encroachment

Mr. Tamilselvan from Tirupattur, approached 5th Pillar Chennai Office to file an RTI (Right to Information) petition, to bring to light the misuse of power of an influential person who had started construction of his building by encroaching the public mud road. Local residents filed complaints to local and higher authorities, but no action was taken and the construction was going ahead on full swing. An RTI petition was filed on behalf of Tamilselvan from 5th Pillar, for which we got a reply, acknowledging the encroachment but no actions were implemented to stop the construction. An appeal to the previous RTI petition was filed by the RTI coordinators of 5th Pillar, addressing the situation with direct questions regarding encroachment, and the time frame for the implementation of the rectifying measures. We received a reply and the building was demolished to the relief of all the local residents.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Loyola College Students and Social Activists participate in RTI Training Session

RTI training is conducted every Saturday at our Chennai office, and at the training session conducted this Saturday March 6th 2010, there were 21 participants of which 10 were from Loyola College. Students’ active role and initiative is vital as they can act as messengers for creating awareness among their peers, family and neighbors. 5th Pillar member from Sivagangai Mr. Periyasamy, a social activist, also took part in the training session to get adept in writing petitions. He had an interesting story to share, about his appeal to the concerned government officials to look into the construction of a compound wall at Ullagampatti village, in S.Pudhur block of Sivagangai District, that comes under the Anaithu Grama Anna Marumalarchi Thittam (AGAMT) scheme. Under the AGAMT scheme, Rs.4,80,000 was allocated for the constuction of a wall around the pond that is the primary water source for the village. The wall constructed was dangerously fragile and so Mr. Periyasamy complained to the Block Development Officer (BDO) and the Union Chairman of S.Pudhur, but to no avail. He was in fact threatened twice by the BDO. He mentioned that he is attending this training session to familiarize and expertise in writing an RTI petition, to address the impending problem of fragile compound wall that was constructed recently under the AGAMT scheme. Infact, he has filed an RTI petition through our organization, after attending the session. 

Mr.Muthukumar, a social activist concentrating on free education for children, from Paramakudi of Ramanathapuram District, was also a participant in this training session. He is the author of a Tamil book called “Thervu Bayam Neeka”, which encourages the students appearing for provincial exams to have a relaxed and positive attitude. This book is timely as recently we have seen a rise in suicide rate among high school students taking these exams which is highly competitive. The Zero Rupee Note and the address of our organization is featured in this book to spread anti-corruption awareness among the students and parents who buy these books for their kids.

Loyola College students, who attended this training session, were very enthusiastic as they have encountered corruption in various scenarios and would like to affront it by adopting RTI petitions. Situations confronted by their friends and relatives have been a strong motivation for some of the students who attended this session, as they wanted to deal with the situation straightforwardly. Corruption has made life stressful for everyone and young generations zeal and dedication to confront it will eventually weed out this social evil.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hawaii University Sociology Professor Visits 5th Pillar Head Quarters

Dr. David Johnson, Professor of Sociology, University of Hawaii, who came across the article on Zero Rupee Note, in the Economist magazine last month, wrote to the President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, expressing his interest to visit 5th Pillar head quarters in Chennai. He came to the office on 2nd March 2010, and spent 4-5 hrs meeting and discussing with the 5th Pillar team at Chennai head quarters, and learning more about the organization’s campaign, field work, and results. In the afternoon, President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, accompanied Professor David Johnson to Madras University, where Professor Johnson addressed students of Criminology Department, on the topic of “The Death Penalty in India and Asia”. After Professor Johnson’s address, volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed Zero Rupee Notes to the students outside the seminar hall. Quite a few students were very interested to know more and join 5th Pillar. Faculty of the institution also expressed interest and offered to invite 5th Pillar at a future date for a presentation on the topic of “Freedom from Corruption”.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reaching the Masses

Creating awareness in a congregation can be very effective, as it initiates group discussion. 5th Pillar has been very rigorous in campaigning against corruption by distributing Zero Rupee Notes in marriage functions. On 17th Feb 2010 at an engagement function of Mr. Muralidharan, Vice President of Bank of America in US, 5th Pillar was invited to open an information desk and distribute Zero Rupee Notes to all the guests and create awareness. President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, spoke about the anti-corruption campaign, success stories and Right to Information Act. He gave examples of success attained by filing RTI petitions.

On 19th February 2010, at a wedding reception of Poornima and Yoganand, 5th Pillar was invited to open an information desk, and conduct awareness campaign. Both the parents of the groom and the bride were government officials, and they were very happy and willing to have 5th Pillar’s representation. Zero Rupee Note was distributed to all the attendees of the function and some of the guests got the contact information of our offices to approach in person to file RTI petitions for their delayed services. We believe these stalls in functions will facilitate in creating awareness among the masses.

8th Day of Honest Politics Course, 20th February 2010

Today’s class started off with an RTI training session by Executive Director of 5th Pillar, Mr. Bhanu Kumar. He explained about the intricacies of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, and educated the participants about how to file an RTI petition. He has modeled a set of questions that will nail down the corrupt officer, to either accept or rectify his mistakes.

“Nepotism and Dynasty Rule”, was the topic covered in the next session. The instructor had veritable facts to explain with examples about the dynasty rule in the Central government as well as State government. Politics has become family business as the yield is lucrative. Two Mumbai MP’s (Member of Parliament), Milind Deora and Priya Dutt of Congress Party inherited their fathers’ seat after their death. Lineage of dynasty rule in politics was explained as, “My grandfather voted for Jawaharlal Nehru, my uncles voted for his daughter Indhira Gandhi, my parents voted for her son Rajiv Gandhi, and now my generation youngsters are pledging allegiance to his son Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi, grandson of Indhira Gandhi, great grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru”. The same lineage is seen in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and other states. In some states wife inherits the Chief Minister post. People of India, are familiar with the dynasty rule and the voter turnout clarifies that they prefer familiarity than change.

The evening session was under the heading, “Political Party System”. The instructor narrated about the political system of different countries, and about their formation and functionality. Merits and demerits of the party system gave a clear understanding of the impact of the political system on the people. Class on Political dynasty, and nepotism instigated a healthy discussion about the impact of nepotism in the job market. Participants had numerous situations to annotate about nepotism and lineage, even in small Panchayat elections. Power and greed that goes hand in hand has tarnished the political layout.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Inauguration of Miracle Dance School, Tiruppur, 28 Feb 2010

President of 5th Pillar Mr. Vijay Anand, was invited as a guest speaker for an inaugural function of Miracle Dance School, Tiruppur on 28th February 2010. Rotary Club President Mr. Murugananthan, organized the event that was attended by 120 dance students and their family. The Chief Guest of the function Dr. Loganayagi, of Balaji Surya Hospital, Tiruppur inaugurated the school and spoke about the ancient art and tradition of Indian culture and encouragd the students on the art of dancing. Dancing is a graceful art that is a combination of gestures, music and body, which is a good all around exercise too. Mr. Vijay Anand spoke about Anti-corruption, and the ways to tackle this problem. The audience was a mixture of different age group, which made it even more challenging to get the message across effectively to one and all. He gave examples that the kids can understand by quoting few stories and examples, and also mentioned about the RTI (Right to Information) Act, that is very beneficial to all who need answers for their delay in acquiring their basic necessities. Volunteers from 5th Pillar, distributed the Zero Rupee Note to all the participants, and the success stories documented, by handing these notes to the corrupt officials  were detailed to the audiences to encourage and motivate them to follow suit. Many attendees of the function were very thrilled to see the Zero Currency, especially the children, who thought it was cool. Highlight of this program was the kids eagerness in knowing more about corruption and the way we tackle it using Zero currency. Getting the commitment of the kids against corruption is the starting point in the road to success.

Bribery in the name of National Flag Fund, at RTO office in Virudhunagar

The corrupt officials have no scruples when it comes to collecting bribe. They do not hesitate to use any excuse to accept bribe. A native of Rajapalayam, who applied for his four wheeler learner’s permit on 20th January 2010, was denied, because he did not file his application through his driving school. He refused to go through the driving school, as they usually bribe the officials in the RTO (Regional Transport Office) office. When the motor vehicle inspector, refused to accept his application, the person contacted our Chennai office. He gave all the details and the name of the officer, who refused to accept his application. Mr. Nambi, Director of Vigilance and Anti-corruption of 5th Pillar, called the RTO office in Virudhunagar, to see why the person’s application was not accepted. The officials cannot justify their actions and so issued the person his learner’s license. At the same time in the same office, there was a man sitting in the front of the office who was collecting Rs. 50, from all the applicants. The donors said that they are paying the amount, so that their application would be accepted, whereas the man collecting the money says that he is collecting money for National Flag Fund. If everyone who goes to the office for license pays this amount for National Flag fund, then the office should be able to provide the citizens with the information about the funds collected so far and explain the trail of expense for this collected fund.
The person who stood up still got his work done without emptying his pocket, whereas there were others who did not take an initiative to stand up against bribery, and ended up loosing their fifty rupees. If everyone who gathered in the RTO office had joined together and asked the official why they were charged this national flag fund, then it would have been easily solved then and there. People should join hands when they see a social injustice, instead of waiting for the other person to take the initiative. Collecting money in the name of National Flag Fund, is atrocious and the only way to tackle these delinquents, is by handing them the Zero Rupee Note, and show our unwillingness to yield to their demand.

Anti- Corruption Movement in Mizoram

Proceedings of an egg-theft case, in the Mizoram village during the British Rule has paved way to the formation of a new idea in tackling corruption in their state. Vanlalruata, president of a prominent civil society organization, PRISM (Peoples Right to Information and Development Implementing Society of Mizoram), explained the nature of operations of their organization. People are encouraged to write down the name of the corrupt official, and the specific charge against him and drop it in the secret ballot called eiru bawm. On a specified date the box is opened in a public meeting, and the name of the officer or officers is read and further investigation is conducted to bring the truth to light. In some cases Right to Information Act (RTI) is used to further elicit the truth of the matter. Out of 100 odd cases, 40 are found to be concrete and further investigation is on way. Most of the complaints are against officials and ministers who have amassed considerable wealth at such a short span of time.

Mr. Vanlalruata, believes that eiru bawn, will strengthen the RTI Act in the state, as suddenly the empty coffers in certain government departments are overflowing with funds as the corrupt officials are returning the money they embezzled. Recently, the Gauhati High Court had ordered the State Anti-corruption branch to probe on the disproportionate assets of former Chief Minister of Mizoram. These kinds of raids and arrest of higher officials are motivating factors as people see that no one is above the law.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Corruption at the Direct Procurement Center in Nagapattinam District

We hear and read stories about farmers eating rats to ward off hunger. These sector of people, who toil in the harshness of climate to produce our staple food, are meted with injustice in terms of pricing for their produces, and also by paying toll to the staff in Direct Procurement Centres(DPC), where they sell their yield. We have been receiving complaints from the farmers of Nagapattinam District about the bribe they are forced to pay, to the staffs of the DPC, when they sell their crops.

A 5th Pillar member complained about the DPC staff taking bribes by 'automatically deducting' Rs.10 per bag of rice. He said his uncle who was a farmer, supplied around 300 bags per season and hence each farmer like his uncle lost Rs.3000, as bribe (forcibly deducted from their supply payment). In other words, he said that they would make his uncle sign a 'payment received voucher' for the full amount, but each payment would be minus this bribe money.

5th Pillar's Director of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, Mr.R.V. Nambi, called the Vigilance Department and made the complaint. A team from Chennai was sent to Nagapattinam and the DPC staff Mr.Mathiazhagan(designation Pattiyal Ezhuthar), of Periathumpur, 5 km from Velankanni to Thirupoondi, Thirukuvalai road, was caught red handed and suspended from his job. This action and reprimand would not have been in effect unless the concerned party had taken the initiative.

People’s lack of conscientiousness is the reason of one inflicting injustice onto another. This is were our constant campaign and awareness among the budding generations, would create a clear perspective and social alertness that would reap a better society.

Awareness Campaign at PSG Tech, Coimbatore on 26th Feb 2010

Students of PSG College of Technology, arranged a 2 day event on 26 and 27th February 2010, called SRISHTI, where entrepreneurs and companies displayed their findings under the title “Innovative Ideas”. The event was attended by students from various educational institutes. The organizers of the event, invited 5th Pillar to display information about our field activities, and Zero Rupee Note that we use to create awareness among citizens and fight corruption. Members of the Coimbatore chapter of 5th Pillar, were given a stall to display the Zero Rupee Note and explain to all the visitors about our field activities and about the Right to Information Act, that we adopt to get the information for the delay in obtaining the basic services. Past success stories attained by using the 2 tools, namely the Zero Rupee Note and RTI Act, was displayed to encourage and motivate the visitors to follow the same route.

President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, was one of the speakers at this event on 26th February 2010. He was invited to speak about the organization, and the novel tool adopted by our organization to fight corruption, the Zero Rupee Note. Mr. Anand spoke about the ongoing activities of our organization, and the milestone achievements using Zero Rupee Note and Right to Information Act. After the speech many students and corporate officials approached him to explain about the situations they experienced in the past. The session was very interesting as he addressed different clientele at the same venue.

At our organization, we strongly believe that creating an awareness about the problem is the first step towards eradication. Addressing the educational institutes is a great way to reach different spectre of people as we are addressing students, staff and the parents, when the kids take home the Zero Rupee Note.

Awareness Campaign at Barugur Government Engineering College, on 24th Feb 2010

“The care of human life, and happiness and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government”- Thomas Jefferson

This famous quote from one of the founding fathers of United States, holds true to the fact that citizens interest should be top priority. Social consciousness has led to remarkable changes in the society, all around the world, like apartheid movement in South Africa. Peoples attitude of, grieving and sympathizing without initiatives to rectify, has been the main reason for social decay. Students in schools and colleges are taking up an active role in social changes, and are organizing various social welfare programs like adult literacy, awareness programs for the illiterates and so on. Some students have gone further to contest in the elections in our state. Such passion and dedication will surely bring about a great social change if continued diligently.

On 24th February 2010, students of Barugur Government Engineering College, in Krishnagiri District, conducted a NSS camp in their campus. President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, was invited to speak on the topic, “Freedom from Corruption”. He addressed all the students and staff, about the evils of corruption, by giving true stories and also in some cases explained the link of a situation as a result of corruption, for better understanding of this social evil. Volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed the Zero Rupee Note to all the participants and they all took a pledge of abstinence from bribery. They portrayed solidarity to the cause, by signing on the 5th Pillar banner. Mr. Anand also spoke about the Right to Information Act(RTI), and the success stories attained by filing RTI petitions. A student approached him after the speech and mentioned that his brother had to pay a bribe of Rs.5000, to a bank official to get a loan of 32000. He wanted to know what could be done in this situation. Mr. Anand said that by filing an RTI petition, we will be able to retrieve the money paid as bribe. He asked the student to contact our office and get the help of our RTI coordinator to file an RTI petition in this case.

It is always rewarding to get citizens cooperation and understanding to fight corruption.