Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5th Pillar chapter initiation at Hyderabad is in progress

President of 5th Pillar Mr. Vijay Anand was invited as a guest speaker at the TedX Hitechcity Conference held at Hyderabad on January 31st, 2010. "Freedom from Corruption" was the topic covered at this conference and his keynote speech on Zero Rupee Note sparked interest among the participants. Exact role play of 5th Pillar at combatting corruption using Zero Rupee Note and filing RTI (Right to Information) petition, was the highlight of his speech. TedX is a good forum to display novel ideas and to initiate thought provoking discussion on related issues of importance.
Mr. Anand's speech sparked interest among the participants, who then approached him with a proposal of initiating a 5th Pillar chapter in Hyderabad. To this effect, a meeting was scheduled on 13th March, bringing together all interested participants of TedX conference and localites, to discuss on the action plan for initiating a chapter and to model a similar working environment as the head quarters in Chennai. Captain Dr. Sathya Prasad, Director of 5th Pillar chapter of Andhra Pradesh, presided over this meet and gave a detailed workplan and the effective use of RTI Act to address corruption. He apprised the participants to play an active role in the community by creating awareness among the localites about anti-corruptiuon and use of Zero Rupee Note and RTI Act to combat corruption. Awareness campaign beign conducted year round in colleges, schools and companies were explained, to give a better idea of the working nature of the organization. RTI training sessions conducted periodically every Saturday at our Chennai office was explained as an important means to dissiminate the message across wider platform, were every trained individual will in turn help the needy in their community by filing RTI petitions. Initiating a chapter at Hyderabad is in progress, and more number of people have been approaching from other organizations to join hands in the common goal "Anti-Corruption".

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