Monday, March 22, 2010

9th Day of Honest Politics Course on 27th February, 2010

Nexus between Politics, Mafia and business was the topic covered in the morning session. Elected representatives of different parties across different states, joining hands in business to erode the taxpayers money was explained in detail with actual facts, to better understand the depth of corruption by political parties. Telangana issue and the extent to which it has disrupted the regular life of the public was discussed in depth. Corruption witnessed in the mining industry and the arrest of ex chief minister of Jharkhand, who rose very quickly to the highest office in a short time by serving as the minister of mining were quoted as examples to understand the extend of corruption embedded deep in our political framework. Mafia's role in coal, timber, contract work like highways, construction etc,. completely derails our economy by syphoning money into off shore accounts. Crucial social and economical issues along with law and order are marginalised for short-term political gains. The role of criminals in politics began in a big way with the criminals needing politicians' protection against the processes of law and paying  for it in advance by helping them in elections and otherwise. The only hope is in an awakened citizenry rising and forcefully asserting their sovereign right to change the system.
Party Democracy, types of parties, and 2 types of democracy namely direct and indirect was covered in the afternoon session. Relation between parties and democracy and the importance of good parties for a successful democracy was outlined. The instructor emphasized the importance of support from all civil bodies for successful implementation of democracy.
Effective leadership and communication skills was the topic covered in the evening session by Mr. James. Effective leadership qualities like functional expertise, strong administrative skills, visionary and one among the people are vital for attracting the masses. Tamil Nadu chief minister C. Annadurai had mass appeal and his speech were well received by all factions of people as he had excellent communication skills. Youth of today who have access to various media and platform can enhance their leadership skills and take an active role in redesigning our political field.

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