Monday, March 1, 2010

Awareness Campaign at Barugur Government Engineering College, on 24th Feb 2010

“The care of human life, and happiness and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government”- Thomas Jefferson

This famous quote from one of the founding fathers of United States, holds true to the fact that citizens interest should be top priority. Social consciousness has led to remarkable changes in the society, all around the world, like apartheid movement in South Africa. Peoples attitude of, grieving and sympathizing without initiatives to rectify, has been the main reason for social decay. Students in schools and colleges are taking up an active role in social changes, and are organizing various social welfare programs like adult literacy, awareness programs for the illiterates and so on. Some students have gone further to contest in the elections in our state. Such passion and dedication will surely bring about a great social change if continued diligently.

On 24th February 2010, students of Barugur Government Engineering College, in Krishnagiri District, conducted a NSS camp in their campus. President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, was invited to speak on the topic, “Freedom from Corruption”. He addressed all the students and staff, about the evils of corruption, by giving true stories and also in some cases explained the link of a situation as a result of corruption, for better understanding of this social evil. Volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed the Zero Rupee Note to all the participants and they all took a pledge of abstinence from bribery. They portrayed solidarity to the cause, by signing on the 5th Pillar banner. Mr. Anand also spoke about the Right to Information Act(RTI), and the success stories attained by filing RTI petitions. A student approached him after the speech and mentioned that his brother had to pay a bribe of Rs.5000, to a bank official to get a loan of 32000. He wanted to know what could be done in this situation. Mr. Anand said that by filing an RTI petition, we will be able to retrieve the money paid as bribe. He asked the student to contact our office and get the help of our RTI coordinator to file an RTI petition in this case.

It is always rewarding to get citizens cooperation and understanding to fight corruption.

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