Monday, March 1, 2010

Awareness Campaign at PSG Tech, Coimbatore on 26th Feb 2010

Students of PSG College of Technology, arranged a 2 day event on 26 and 27th February 2010, called SRISHTI, where entrepreneurs and companies displayed their findings under the title “Innovative Ideas”. The event was attended by students from various educational institutes. The organizers of the event, invited 5th Pillar to display information about our field activities, and Zero Rupee Note that we use to create awareness among citizens and fight corruption. Members of the Coimbatore chapter of 5th Pillar, were given a stall to display the Zero Rupee Note and explain to all the visitors about our field activities and about the Right to Information Act, that we adopt to get the information for the delay in obtaining the basic services. Past success stories attained by using the 2 tools, namely the Zero Rupee Note and RTI Act, was displayed to encourage and motivate the visitors to follow the same route.

President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand, was one of the speakers at this event on 26th February 2010. He was invited to speak about the organization, and the novel tool adopted by our organization to fight corruption, the Zero Rupee Note. Mr. Anand spoke about the ongoing activities of our organization, and the milestone achievements using Zero Rupee Note and Right to Information Act. After the speech many students and corporate officials approached him to explain about the situations they experienced in the past. The session was very interesting as he addressed different clientele at the same venue.

At our organization, we strongly believe that creating an awareness about the problem is the first step towards eradication. Addressing the educational institutes is a great way to reach different spectre of people as we are addressing students, staff and the parents, when the kids take home the Zero Rupee Note.

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