Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bribery in the name of National Flag Fund, at RTO office in Virudhunagar

The corrupt officials have no scruples when it comes to collecting bribe. They do not hesitate to use any excuse to accept bribe. A native of Rajapalayam, who applied for his four wheeler learner’s permit on 20th January 2010, was denied, because he did not file his application through his driving school. He refused to go through the driving school, as they usually bribe the officials in the RTO (Regional Transport Office) office. When the motor vehicle inspector, refused to accept his application, the person contacted our Chennai office. He gave all the details and the name of the officer, who refused to accept his application. Mr. Nambi, Director of Vigilance and Anti-corruption of 5th Pillar, called the RTO office in Virudhunagar, to see why the person’s application was not accepted. The officials cannot justify their actions and so issued the person his learner’s license. At the same time in the same office, there was a man sitting in the front of the office who was collecting Rs. 50, from all the applicants. The donors said that they are paying the amount, so that their application would be accepted, whereas the man collecting the money says that he is collecting money for National Flag Fund. If everyone who goes to the office for license pays this amount for National Flag fund, then the office should be able to provide the citizens with the information about the funds collected so far and explain the trail of expense for this collected fund.
The person who stood up still got his work done without emptying his pocket, whereas there were others who did not take an initiative to stand up against bribery, and ended up loosing their fifty rupees. If everyone who gathered in the RTO office had joined together and asked the official why they were charged this national flag fund, then it would have been easily solved then and there. People should join hands when they see a social injustice, instead of waiting for the other person to take the initiative. Collecting money in the name of National Flag Fund, is atrocious and the only way to tackle these delinquents, is by handing them the Zero Rupee Note, and show our unwillingness to yield to their demand.


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