Wednesday, March 10, 2010

5th Pillar's RTI team saves public road from private encroachment

Mr. Tamilselvan from Tirupattur, approached 5th Pillar Chennai Office to file an RTI (Right to Information) petition, to bring to light the misuse of power of an influential person who had started construction of his building by encroaching the public mud road. Local residents filed complaints to local and higher authorities, but no action was taken and the construction was going ahead on full swing. An RTI petition was filed on behalf of Tamilselvan from 5th Pillar, for which we got a reply, acknowledging the encroachment but no actions were implemented to stop the construction. An appeal to the previous RTI petition was filed by the RTI coordinators of 5th Pillar, addressing the situation with direct questions regarding encroachment, and the time frame for the implementation of the rectifying measures. We received a reply and the building was demolished to the relief of all the local residents.

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