Friday, February 26, 2010

RTI Training for History Makers from Mumbai, 7th Feb 2010

Journalism records history, as journalists are the first to report the facts of events. The stake of anti-corruption movement largely depends on the stand taken by journalists. Publicizing the social evil of corruption, its affects on humanity, remedial measures to be adopted like resorting to RTI petition and so on, will encourage the citizens to stand up against corruption.
25 Journalists from 18 leading media have joined to form a Club- Journalists Against Corruption, in Bulgaria on 6th April 2004. Their main task is to provoke intolerance in society against different form of corrupt practices and to change indifferent attitude of citizens by using the influence of media. These kind of collaborative efforts from all fronts will one day eventually eradicate corruption, and aleviate the living standards of all of us.
Journalism students of Wilson College in Mumbai who were visiting Chennai for an educational tour, were very interested in the 5th Pillar concept of fighting Corruption. RTI training sessions were conducted to all the 64 visiting students, in two batches at Chennai 5th Pillar office on7th Feb 2010. The students were very eager to learn the procedures to follow in filing the petition. The President of 5th Pillar, Mr. Vijay Anand’s introductory speech on the details of field activities like awareness campaign conducted in various schools and colleges, Zero Rupee Note distribution to the public, RTI training sessions for the public gave a detailed insight into the operations of the organization to aspiring history makers. All the participating students took an oath, holding the Zero Rupee Note, to neither accept nor give bribe. Executive Director of 5th Pillar, Mr. Bhanu Kumar conducted the RTI training sessions to the students. Detailed explanation on how to write a petition was discoursed to all the participants, during the training session in belief, that they will resort to Right To Information. Students interest in joining hands with the organization is always a motivation and encouragement for sure success.

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