Friday, April 16, 2010

5th Pillar, Coimbatore chapter conducts Awareness Campaign

NSS students of Karpagam Arts & Science college who were at a camp at Government Higher secondary school at Malumichampatty, on 14th January, 2010 had invited 5th Pillar for a presentation on the topic of "Freedom from Corruption". Dr. B.Ilango, former vice- chancellor of Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore spoke on corruption and its effects on day to day life of every citizen. Mr. Vijay Anand, President of 5th Pillar spoke on the header, "Freedom from Corruption". "Zero Rupee Note and filing of RTI (Right to Information) petitions were the tools adopted primarily by 5th Pillar to fight corruption", said Mr. Anand. Recount of many success stories obtained by handing out Zero Rupee Note to corrupt officials were motivational to the students. 5th Pillar members of Coimbatore chapter, Ravisundar, Sureshkumar and Dhandapani distributed the Zero Rupee Notes to all the 120 students, and a pledge was taken by all, to neither accept nor give bribe. After the speech the students had time to share their thoughts with the members of the 5th Pillar team and to get answers for the problems that their family or friends were encountering at present. It is interesting to hear views from these youngsters who had their share of experiences from traffic regulations to obtaining certificates for admissions.

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