Tuesday, April 13, 2010

5th Pillar members of Tuticorin conduct awareness campaign at Tuticorin Collector's office

Throngs of people visit the collector's office on Monday as it is the petition acceptance day of the week. Petitions are filed to protest, and so this is an ideal venue to create awareness for the people congregating here, and hence the members of our organization distributed the Zero Rupee Note and the RTI (Right to Information) pamphlet to all the visitors to create an awareness about 5th Pillar, an active advocate for citizens rights. People usually come to Collector's office on Monday to file their grievances in form of petition for deteriorating services and discrepancies, and hence by distributing the Zero Rupee Note and RTI information pamphlet we were armouring them to face the situation and get a solution for their impending issues. Volunteers of 5th Pillar took time to explain about paving way to solutions by filing RTI petitions, with relevant questions to expedite and yield favourable results. Tuticorin chapter of 5th Pillar have good rapport with honest officials in all government offices, and through their guidance help the people approaching our organization, to file the application for services in proper order, so that there will not be any delay in obtaining their benefits. Counselling of honest government officials to obtain services quickly and righteously is commendable.


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