Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5th Pillar, RAAC and EERAM of Coimbatore conduct mass cleaning of foothills of Maruthamalai

5th Pillar joined hands with RAAC( Residents Awareness Association of Coimbatore), and EERAM ( Equality Empowerment & Rights Awareness Movement) in Coimbatore, to take part in the mass cleaning of the foothills of Maruthamalai, a famous Hindu shrine in Coimbatore, on 4th April 2010. Alagana Kovai, project initiated by RAAC, emphasizes on clean pollution free environment, and one of their projects is to erect good infrastructure to accommodate the growing tourists population who visit this famous historical shrine. Their plan to construct a bus stand, toilet facilities, dining hall, parking spaces for tourist vehicles have been approved by the municipality and to get the project going they conducted a mass cleaning of the foothills of Maruthamalai. More than 500 students from various academic institutions in and around Coimbatore took part in this event along with the 5th Pillar members. 5th Pillar members distributed Zero Rupee Notes to all the participants and the public to create anti- corruption awareness. People coming to temple to offer thanks and request for favours and remedies were equipped with Zero Rupee Note to be used as a tool in need.

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