Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5th Pillar's anti-corruption campaign in Coimbatore

A meeting was convened on 9th Feb, 2010 at the Corporation Kalai Arangam in Coimbatore to discuss the regularization of platform shop keepers in the city of Coimbatore. There has always been complaints from the platform shopkeepers about the influx of bribery by police officials as very explicitly portrayed in our celluloids by our mass heroes. This meeting was attended by the platform shopkeepers, Collector, Municipal authorities and District Superintendent of Police, to regulate the erection of the platform shops to benefit the shopkeepers by confirming their status , so that they will not be extorted by threats of legal action, and also to regulate traffic to ease public mobility. This meeting was instrumental in drawing to a conclusion regarding the areas where shops can be established and dimension of the shop that can be erected so that there are clear rules and no ambiguity that leads to bribery and corruption. 5th Pillar was invited by the organizers and our speaker Dr. K.K.Krishnamurthy, spoke on Freedom from Corruption and RTI (Right to Information). 5th Pillar members distributed Zero Rupee Notes to everyone in the audience of varied demography to establish the concept of anti-corruption in all.

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