Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5th Pillar's awareness campaign at SNS college of Technology

The ECE ( Electrical & Computer Engineering) Department of SNS College of Technology in Coimbatore, conducted a 2 day event called ELCONATOR on 5th and 6th March 2010, which was attended by ECE students of other institutions of Tamil Nadu. The event was attended by 400 students in total, and on the request of the institution we setup a stall in their premises, displayed our banner and distributed the Zero Rupee Notes and RTI pamphlets to all the students and staff attending this event. Students showed a great interest in this social cause and many registered to become 5th Pillar members and some of the colleges also showed interest to open a student chapter of 5th Pillar in their respective institutions. Some institutions have invited us to their institutes to give a presentation on "Freedom from corruption" topic. Students who are experiencing corruption first hand now that they are getting to be independent and facing the real world are very aware of the misery and are very motivated to joins us in the common platform.

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