Monday, April 12, 2010

5th Pillar's President addressed the Rotarians of Chennapatna on 8.04.2010 at Savera Hotel in Chennai

Rotarians of Chennapatna invited 5th Pillar's President, Mr. Vijay Anand to address their meet on 8th April at Savera Hotel in Chennai. Mr. Anand spoke about Freedom from Corruption, and his detailed account of RTI petitions and Public litigations filed by our organization and other field activities highlighted the practical approach in tackling corruption. “Success stories of getting your rights without paying bribe using Zero Rupee Note and filing RTI petitions were possible”, said Mr. Anand. He said, “If we in 5th Pillar can get this done, so can every other citizen in our country, so let us all conclude to stop paying bribe demanded as extra fee”. Volunteers of 5th Pillar distributed the Zero Rupee Note to all the participants and they all took an oath to neither accept nor give bribe. Creating awareness and introducing the concept of resistance to bribe is the first step to eradicating this social evil.

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