Monday, April 12, 2010

Student Chapter of 5th Pillar, SAC at Vellore Institute of Technology organized an RTI training camp ON 7.04.2010

Student chapter of 5th Pillar, SAC ( Students Against Corruption) at Vellore Institute of Technology had been very active propagandists of social issues and have conducted many programs this past year as listed below. Student coordinator of SAC at VIT, Mr. Jagdeeshkumar an Asst Prof of School of Science and Humanities has been a strong motivator for the students in organizing the following events.

29.09.2009 - Next is what? 
A movie compilation event in association with movie club on the theme, "India in 2020". The duration of the movie was for 10 minutes.

30.10.2009 - Workshop on movie compilation in association  with IEEE-WIE, VIT affinity group.

Nov 3-7, 2009 - Vigilance Awareness Week.
Wide publicity regarding, Central Vigilance Commissions(CVC) appeal to the public on
- complaints to be sent directly to CVC
- to fight corruption together
- to contribute to nation building

December 2009 - Membership mobilization campaign, and RTI (Right to Information) awareness events.

18.02.2010 - Committee selection for a social awareness club, who would be active advocates of bringing about a change in India, by making India corruption free thereby supporting Vision 2020, and become an ardent RTI activists.

24.02.2010 - Results of core committee selections declared.

1.04.2010 - Poetry Competition
On the spot poetry competition for the first time in VIT - language no bar- best poems were displayed on all notice boards - certificates issued to winners on 7.04.2010.

Active SAC members of Vellore Institute of Technology, invited 5th Pillar's President, Mr. Vijay Anand for a one day event organized at their institute on 7th April 2010, on the topic of Right to Information. Vice-chancellor of the Institute, Mr.Shekhar Viswanathan gave an inaugural speech on the take of student's interest for social causes, especially on the debilitating issue on hand, Corruption.

Mr. Vijay Anand spoke next on the topic of, "Freedom from Corruption", and his power-point presentation with the statistical ranking of India in the Corruption Index was an eye-opener to the extent of cleansing required. Video presentation developed by our organization highlighting the current sorry state of our nation in regard to corruption was very captive. His recount on the successes obtained by distributing the Zero Rupee Note and filing RTI petitions motivated the already fervent students. Director of operations of 5th Pillar, Mr. Subramani, spoke about RTI Act and its adoption to solve problems pertaining to acquiring our basic rights to services. He gave a detailed account on how to prepare an RTI petition for a real life scenario, with examples for better understanding. Ms.Shaazka Beyerle from the US who is a Senior Director of the Center for Non-violent conflict resolution, spoke on the International scenario on Corruption. Student's queries on corruption related issues were answered by Mr. Anand.

After the presentations, a panel discussion was organized, were 10 groups of 5 members each took part in an active discourse on the topic of RTI. The topic of discussion was national development and influence of Indian politics on RTI. Students had interesting, innovative ideas which portrayed their clear understanding of the compounding, debilitating problem in hand, corruption.

Why the private sector is excluded from RTI?
Why the Supreme Court Judges are exempt from declaring their assets?, are some of the thought provoking questions that were debated on this session. It is good to see future policy makers taking part in active debate on hindering aspects of the RTI Act.


Unknown said...

I feel happy after see the 5th pillar's job and i can see atleast one org is there to save the country....Still it needs to popular, 90% of the citizens in india want to eliminate corruption but they dont know the way and where to go, only educated and more aggressive disprated citizens do there best to against corruption using vigilance....why dont we build a software to report all the corruption officers details public will use it to lodge complaint then vigilance can use this to catch the gov officers...I wish this org 5th pillar will make a big difference in indiaa...

sandy said...

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