Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Does Low income play a role in Corruption ?

As per the 6th pay commission average pay hike of 21% for Central Government employees was announced in January 2008. We have been for long relating corruption to the low salaries. I called the police station at Thousand lights police station and introduced myself as Shobila and a member of 5th pillar. I explained that i am writing an article and need some information. The person who picked up the call was least bothered about who i was and he did not mind to ask my whereabouts after i said that i am calling from the US. He answered my questions meticulously. I was a little scared talking to them due to the scary stories that I have heard about the police in India as I grew up.

The least pay scale for a government employee is Rs.5,200 which is the basic and with allowances a new police constable recruit will get Rs.11,000 per month which is a decent salary. I confirmed this with the police man who attended my phone call. I guess we must stop blaming the pay scale any more.