Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5th Pillar, Dharmapuri Chapter retrieved the swindled money from Government School Administrators

Dharmapuri Chapter of 5th Pillar had taken up an initiative to propagate the message of anti-corruption by displaying banners of 5thPillar and Zero Rupee Note at main communal centers like the bus stand where there is a great number of congregation of people. Banners were displayed in 8 small towns around Dharmapuri, namely Harur, Penagaram, Morappur, Pappireddipatty, Nallampalli, Nallampalli and Palacode. Volunteers of 5th Pillar also distributed Zero Rupee Notes and RTI( Right to Information) pamphlets to all the passersby to create an awareness of ways to tackle corruption and the organization that supports and stands behind all the citizens that would take a stand against this social evil. Dharmapuri Chapter coordinator, Mr. Vinoth, took the campaign further and distributed 2500 Zero Rupee Notes and pamphlets in Collector's campus. This was televised by many local channels which gave a wide publicity for the cause and Vinoth was invited for a one hour TV interview by a local channel there, where he answered queries from 20 callers.
The campaign was a huge success as the informational materials distributed at vantage points had reached the masses and numerous people are still approaching our organization seeking help to solve their pending issues. One such issue worth mentioning here, was the intervention of our organization in a scam conducted by some miscreants in the government school of Thottapatti, near Morappur in Dharmapuri District. 5TH pillar dharmapuri team received a information that a government school in Thootapatti village is collecting admission fees of 300 rs for 6th standad and 500 Rs for 9 standard admission in a Xerox centre located  opposite to the school. A hand written chit is given as a receipt token of cash which infers for admission. The funds are collected in terms of Parents Teachers Association. Vinoth, Dharmapuri Chapter coordinator approached the District Collector and District Chief Education Officer (CEO), and urged to take immediate action against the social outlaws who are taxing from the poor who are already struggling to make ends meet and still try to educate their kids. As a result the money taxed from the poor parents was reverted back to them. This has instilled a great sense of confidence in the public to believe that it is still possible to walk the straight line.

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