Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exhibiting Affiliation to 5th Pillar helped a citizen obtain his Voter ID

5th Pillar coordinator of Dharmapuri District, Vinoth had an interesting story to share with us. His personal success by approaching the authorities as part of 5th Pillar team is very interesting. This shouldn't be the case. Every citizen should get his rights at the proper course of time. That is what we are trying hard to achieve, which we would if we all join together and take a rooted stand against corruption.

Vinoth lost his Voters ID, three years ago and had not taken it seriously at that time. He applied for a new voters id last year before the MP elections, for which he paid the designated fee of Rs.15/- and attached 2 passport size photograph along with his application. It has been more than a year and he did not get his new card, neither did he receive any communication as to the delay of issuing his new Voters ID. Vinoth approached the District Collector's office clad in 5th Pillar t shirt, on 17th May, 2010, and spoke to the collector Mrs. Amudha directly, and explained the long delay in receiving his ID. The Collector's office contacted the relevant department in charge of issuing the Voters ID, which is also housed inside the Collector's office campus, and the ID was given to Vinoth in a few minutes. This is a great success story for 5th Pillar, but sorry state of our government offices. Any citizen disregarding any affiliations to any organization should be able to have access to all the services entitled to oneself.

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