Thursday, June 3, 2010

Greed lands a Village Administrative Officer in Jail in Kancheepuram District

Mr. Murugesan, mason residing at Satras, in Kalpakkam near Chennai, wanted to register his father's 8 cent property in his name to be eligible for the scheme of free housing provided by the government. When he approached the Village Administrative Officer (VAO) of Meyyur, Mr. Kanniyappan, he demanded a bribe of Rs.20,000. As bribing as become a norm in our sorry state of affairs, and in order to expedite the paper work and process Mr. Murugesan, parted with Rs.20,000. But the registered patta had a wrong survey number and when he went back to the VAO to have it corrected he was again demanded Rs.10,000. He was baffled and helpless and that is when he approached 5th Pillar for support and guidance. He was directed to the office of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vigilance and Anti corruption, Mr. Thirunavukkarasu, who initiated a sting operation to catch the VAO when he is accepting the bribe amount. VAO Kanniyappan, was caught red handed when accepting the bribe money and is currently in Madhuranthagam prison awaiting court hearing for sentencing. Let us hope that fear would instill discipline in corrupt officials.

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ArulSankari said...

Bribe to do a defective work and then bribe again to correct it. Hmm... Do they think people are picking money from trees???

Its hard earned money and it should not be given as bribe. Good job by the citizen and 5th pillar.