Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5th Pillar campaign's on RTI at Sirkali

Social activists in Sirkali, Mr.Sudhakar and Mr. Thillai Natarajan organized a public event on 4th July at Sri Vanivilas Primary school in Sirkali to sensitize the public on the role of corruption in our society and effective strategies to be adopted to tackle corruption. Director Operations of 5th Pillar, Mr. Subramani spoke on the topic of corruption, and RTI Act. His speech opened the forum for discussion, of all the corrupt practices prevalent in our society, and the participants were eager to share their encounters. People encountering delay in obtaining services due to reluctance to pay bribe, were thrilled to learn ways of approaching the issue placidly. Zero Rupee Note, a novice tool adopted by our organization is used by the public when they are demanded to pay money. Every participant were encouraged to hand in the Zero currency instead of actual money to the demanding personnel. Mr. Baskaran, a member from Kumbakonam chapter of 5th Pillar, spoke on the successes of filing an RTI. He explained in detail about filing the RTI petition, expected processing time and the fee involved. When the audience comprising of agriculturists, students, businessmen, NGO's were made aware of how simple it is to file a petition demanding the answers for delayed services, they were very enthused to adopt the same route. Participants joined hands with our organization by becoming members, and some were interested in initiating a local chapter of 5th Pillar in their hometown.

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