Tuesday, July 27, 2010

5th Pillar US Team takes part in FeTNA 2010 Tamil convention

5th Pillar team in US, took part in the FeTNA 2010 Tamil Event that took place in Waterbury, Connecticut from 3rd July-5th July, 2010. FeTNA is an umbrella organization of all the Tamil Sangams in North America. Film industry dignitaries, Tamil literary scholars, folk dancers and so on graced the occasion. We put up a table and distributed the Zero Rupee Note to the participants of the convention. Creating awareness is the key to tackle corruption. Some approached us with questions regarding the services provided by our organization. All the NRI's have encountered bribery in some form or the other. Some retold the experiences they face when they buy real estate property in India, starting from the registration to getting the electricity connection and so on. They had interesting stories, like when the corrupt official learns that the client is an NRI the demand increases multi-fold. We encouraged the participants to contact our offices in India when they or their relatives encounter delayed services.

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