Tuesday, July 27, 2010

RTI awareness campaign at Puliyanoor village in Dindivanam

Orientation program about 5th Pillar and the RTI Act was conducted by Mr. Jayaselvan on 25th July at Puliyanoor Village in Dindivanam. Tamizh Studio organized the screening of their short film in the village and had invited us to give an introductory session of the anti-corruption mission we have embarked on. The audience were excited to see the Zero Rupee Note, although some had already seen it in the newspapers and TV. Mr. Jayaselvan spoke about the successes achieved by handing in the Zero currency to the corrupt official demanding bribe. Formulating the right questions to get the best outcome was emphasized in his speech. His disclosure of the successes achieved by filing RTI petitions, motivated people to approach him after the presentation with the problems they were facing. Some of them mentioned to visit the Chennai office to proceed further on their pending issues by taking our help in filing an RTI petition.

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