Monday, August 16, 2010

5th Pillar files RTI petition on behalf of an NRI

Mr Chinna Reddy from Andhra Pradesh is living in Canada and his parents are living in Nandyal of Kurnool Dt. in Andhra Pradesh. Along with his parents his nephews and his niece are living and studying in Nandyal. His niece aged 17 , is studying in Intermediate second year. She has been getting anonymous phone calls from a person who is threatening her that he would kidnap her and take her away. He is also threatening her that he would throw acid on her and kill her.

Mr.Chinna Reddy's people have given a complaint to the Nandyal Police Station. A constable came to the house and enquired. There was again a phone call which was attended by the constable himself. The caller threatened that he will kill everybody. The family has traced out the phone numbers of the people who have been making the calls. They have made a complaint to the District Collector, Kurnool on 9th August, 2010., requesting security for the family and the children and also for taking action against the people who are doing the mischief. No reply has been received form the Collector, and no action been taken against the mischief mongers. Being abroad, Mr. Reddy is worried about the security of his family. He has made a representation to the 5th Pillar, to get the problem solved. Based on the information given by Mr. Reddy, 5th Pillar has sent an RTI Representation on the 16th addressed to the Collector, A copy of the RTI representation is reproduced below. 

14 August 2010

The Collector of Kurnool,                     

Dear Sir,

                Sub Information under Right to Information Act, 2005,-Security problem of Mr. Chinna Reddy's family at Nandyal Regarding-Requested.

        Ref: Representation from Mr.Chinna Reddy , Canada addressed to the Collector of Kurnool Dt.

I wish to enclose a copy of the representation addressed to you by one Mr Chinna Reddy of Canada with regard to the security of his family at Nandyal. I request to be supplied with the following information under the Right to Information Act, 2005

1. Has the representation from Mr. Chinna Reddy been received in the Collectorate of Kurnool and if so on what date?

2. If the representation has been received, what action been taken over this issue which is concerned with the security of the family of a person who is outside the country?

3. Has the information been passed on to the Police people at Nandyal, who is connected with the security?
4. If so what action been taken by the Nandyal Police in this regard?
5. Whether the Police has arrested any of the persons who have been giving threatening calls to the members of the family
6. If not arrested, the reasons for the inaction of the police, inspite of the fact that the telephone numbers of the mischief mongers have already been intimated in the representation?

I request information on the above lines may please be furnished at the earliest.
Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

(K.Bhanu Kumar)
Executive Director 
5th Pillar


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