Tuesday, August 17, 2010

5th Pillar takes part in Independence Day celebration in Los Angeles

5th Pillar team in Los Angeles attended the Independence Day celebrations in Los Angeles and distributed the novel tool adopted by our organization to combat Corruption, the Zero Rupee Note. There were close to 2500 attendees for this celebration and creating an awareness of our organization's services to the public is crucial. Most of the NRI's have visiting parents or they themselves will be traveling often to India or face corruption when they invest in India. Many attendees of the event were eager to know what are the services provided by our organization and when they learned that we provide free RTI training sessions and file RTI petitions on behalf of the public they said that they would ask their family in India to contact us for help. Distributing the Zero Rupee Note on Independence Day to create awareness was a great way to empowerment.

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