Friday, August 6, 2010

97.6 crore paid as bribe by the people living below poverty line (BPL)

Recent survey on corruption levels by Transparency International-India and the Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi , reveal that families living below poverty level in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry have paid Rs. 97.6 crore as bribe to obtain their basic services, last year alone. This astounding figure transcribes to Rs.477 per household of BPL. The national study estimated that BPL (Below Poverty Line) households paid about Rs 900 crore a year as bribes to get basic services. The study divided the states by their size and ranked them on levels of corruption into 'alarming', 'very high', 'high' and 'moderate'.
The sad state of this entire scenario is that the poor are the ones who suffer to make ends meet and they are the one who become vulnerable to the voracious officials. Everyday we hear and read articles in newspapers about the effects of corruption and bribery on lower income group. We have read about the schools collapsing in rural areas and kids dying. This is all a one day news report, with no follow up action against the perpetrators. The media should also play a role in streaming the news and report on the follow up action developments. This is the reason why freedom fighters and great minds resorted to publishing to get the message out to all to bring about a change in the society. We hear about crores of public money siphoned to an individual, whereas in the same state there are poor struggling to get their basic services like good hospital care, education and so on. The gap between the rich and the poor are widening day by day and the main reason for the widening demarcation is corruption.

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