Friday, September 17, 2010

5th Pillar conducts awareness campaign at FEDCOP, Madurai

Federation of consumer organizations of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (FEDCOP) organized a meeting on 29th August and invited 5th Pillar to present our objectives and our mission. Mr. Balaji, coordinator of 5th Pillar, Madurai Chapter addressed the event that was attended by 80 members. He explained about the operations of 5th Pillar and our field activities. 5th Pillar's goal and mission and our mode of implementation was highlighted. Right to Information Act and its adoption to facilitate access to denied services was explained in detail. Participants were encouraged to approach our organization to get free counseling in filing an RTI petition. Zero Rupee Note which is an anti-corruption tool also includes the contact details of our organization was distributed along with the pamphlets of our organization which has all the relevant details about the RTI Act. Audience who comprised of participants from many districts of the state were very eager to start a local chapter of 5th Pillar in their hometown to facilitate their neighbors. Empowerment is crucial to eradicate corruption and hence our mission will continue.