Friday, September 17, 2010

5th Pillar takes part in the Aarush 10, techno- management fest organized by SRM University, Chennai

Aarush 10 is a techno- management fest organized by SRM University. This year their pledge to bring out solutions to the common problems overlooked by current technologies, which hinder the development of mankind, included our organization whose goal is to eradicate corruption to alleviate the social status of mankind. 5th Pillar took part in the 4 day program from Sep 1st to Sep 4th. They organized a rally on August 31st, where all the participating organizations carried their banners and went on a procession to create awareness. Student volunteers of 5th Pillar carried a banner of the Zero Rupee Note and marched along and also took a oath to neither accept nor give bribe. Zero Rupee Note was distributed to all the participants of the event who were students also from other educational institutions and other organizations. The participants after the rally to an oath to neither accept nor give bribe, by holding the Zero Rupee Note.

5th Pillar was assigned a stall in the SRM Campus where we displayed the Zero Rupee Note Banner and distributed it to all the participants of the event on all 4 days. We had on display our monthly Tamil magazine , MAATTRAM and  RTI pamphlets. Students from other institutions and other corporate organizations who participated at this event welcomed the idea of anti-corruption which is the root cause for the decay of our socio-economic status.

On 2nd September, Mr. Vijay Anand, President of 5th Pillar spoke on the topic of “Freedom from Corruption”. His talk on the current scenario and the effect of corruption in our society was highlighted with examples to express the need to address this social evil that is debilitating the growth of our nation. His speech was very well received by all the participants and the students of SRM have planned to initiate a student chapter of 5th Pillar called SAC (Students against Corruption) in their institution.

Click on the youtube link to view the rally of 5th Pillar at the Aaruush 10 fest at SRM University.
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