Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awareness campaign for young film directors in Chennai

5th Pillar was invited by the Tamizh Studio, (group of young film directors) for an awareness campaign on corruption. Mr. Subramani from 5th Pillar addressed the young directors about corruption and the activities of 5th Pillar in combating corruption. The film directors who are full of ideas had many interesting questions about this social curse. They also shared their own experiences and had suggestions on how to handle a situation. There were interesting queries like, if ever anyone from our organization had encountered a threat for non compliance. RTI Act was explained as an asset to a common man in ascertaining his rights. The main goal of this event was to sensitize the youth about the current impending national problem, and once the program started, it was very clear that they had a strong belief in anti-corruption movement and were willing to take part in our mission. Media is a vital portal for disseminating the message and as directors they would be able to portray the negativities of corruption.

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