Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. Vijay Anand speaks at the TEDx conference at JNTU University in Andhra Pradesh

Mr. Vijay Anand was invited as a guest speaker at the TEDx conference held at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh. TEDx gathering is where people share their innovative ideas that they are implementing to alleviate the norms of our society. There were more than 200 participants from around the world and Mr. Anand was asked to speak about the activities undertaken by 5th Pillar to tackle corruption in India. Zero Rupee Note used to confront the corrupt was highlighted as the novice tool adopted by 5th Pillar to combat corruption. Corruption has become a way of life to many and some have even started to justify their action of bribing by saying that they are smart to get things done on time. Mr. Anand's speech covered the overall aspects of corruption in our daily life and how it affects and propagates as a ripple effect, and destroys the society. He then explained about instances when the public have used the Zero Rupee Note in real situations and the ensuing success. RTI(Right to Information) Act is a boon in disguise for common man who would otherwise be hitting on a stone wall for delayed services. With this new Act people can get their delayed services delivered to their doorstep, like say for example when a person applied for a new ration card after his marriage, he waited for nearly 10 months and when he approached 5th Pillar he was advised to file an RTI petition, and was helped by 5th Pillar to file a petition. He received his ration card in 18 days. Zero Rupee Note and RTI petitions are used effectively to confront corruption and hence Mr. Anand insisted that every citizen should understand the ill effects of the act of bribery and take a stand to neither accept nor give bribe, which will only then put our country on the map towards road to success.

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