Sunday, October 3, 2010

5th Pillar conducts awareness campaign to the Madurai Dies & Chemicals Merchant Association

In the annual General Body meeting of the Madurai Dies & Chemicals held on 26.09.2010 at AKR Kalyana Mahal in Madurai, they invited 5th Pillar to address their staff about the RTI Act. Mr. Balaji, 5th Pillar, Madurai chapter coordinator addressed the audience about RTI Act and its effective implementation to retrieve denied services and revert back corruptive losses. He explained in depth about the ways to frame the right kind of question to make the petition effective such that when they provide the answer they would be exposing corruption. This was an interactive session were many from the audience had interesting queries about different situations they faced and are facing currently. Many from the audience subscribed to our Monthly Tamil magazine MAATTRAM to be best informed about latest news in corruption.

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