Sunday, October 3, 2010

5th Pillar conducts door to door campaign at Mudivaithanentha Village in Tuiticorin District on 26.09.2010

Tuiticorin chapter coordinator, Mr. Adi Narayanan and 2 other 5th Pillar members Prabhakaran and Samuel conducted a door to door campaign in the Mudivaithanentha village, by distributing 5th Pillar notices, RTI fliers and Zero Rupee Notes to nearly 300 households in the village. They took time to explain the role of 5th Pillar in helping the public to attain denied governmental services. The village was mostly habited by the ex servicemen and policemen. In one of the household our representatives met a public information officer who mentioned that our crusade was noble and our mission to empower the citizens on anti-corruption is very crucial in the current society. The villagers were very happy to learn about our organization and they have requested us for an RTI training session. The main idea of this campaign was to sensitize the public on anti-corruption and to emphasize and boost the morale of people by educating them that they can obtain services without having to pay an extra fee as bribe.

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