Sunday, October 3, 2010

5th Pillar Pondicherry member participates in an RTI program on EYE TV PONDY

5th Pillar Pondicherry member Mr. Rajendran took part in an interactive program on EYE TV PONDY on 18 September 2010. This is a live program were he was interviewed about the salient features of the RTI Act itself and the practicality in adopting this Act to file RTI petitions to solve their issues, like delayed Ration card, passport, electricity connection and so on. Being an Advocate by profession, he was able to answer the queries of all the callers who wanted answers for their individual troubling situations. He answered all the callers and gave guidance as to how to approach each of their cases. The program was very interesting as each callers had varied situations and the viewers had a spectrum of situations and solutions.

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