Sunday, October 3, 2010

5th Pillar takes part in Chakravyuha 10 organized by SRM University

Chakravyuha 10 is yet another techno fest organized by the Mechanical Engineering Department of SRM University, Chennai. In the 3 day event that extended from 26 September to 28th September, 5th Pillar was invited for a presentation on 28th September. Mr. Vijay Anand, President of 5th Pillar addressed the attendees on the topic, “Freedom from Corruption” and explained about the endeavors undertaken by our organization to tackle corruption and help the public. Detailed explanation of the successes of adopting RTI Act to receive delayed services was very interesting to the student audience as they are beginning their journey into the real world of maze of corruption. The Zero Rupee Note which is the trademark tool of our organization that depicts our reluctance to take part in the act of bribery, was distributed to all the students and an oath proclaiming to neither accept nor give bribe was taken. 5th Pillar information pamphlet was also distributed to emphasize the mission and activities of our organization. As many as 20 students approached our team to register their name as volunteers in our organization to abet us in our mission to eradicate corruption. Students active participation will drive the mission farther and stronger.

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