Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awareness campaign at Vallipuram, Kancheepuram District on 26.09.2010

Twenty IITians of Madras conducted a camp at Vallipuram, a remote village, 20 kms from Chengalpet in Kancheepuram District. The students of IIT conducted this camp to educate the public in this area about overall adaptation to trending society. They invited 5th Pillar on 6th September to conduct an awareness campaign on anti-corruption. Mr. Subramani, Director of Operations, 5th Pillar participated in this program and addressed the villagers on various aspects. He spoke to them about the services in health, sanitation, education and other infrastructures that are in place to uplift their life. In most cases the rural people are unaware of the services that they are entitled to and so they suffer. Mr. Subramani spoke to them about the various schemes and projects that are formulated for the rural society and also explained in detail about the procedures to follow to avail the opportunity. He also encouraged them to approach our organization for guidance and help in availing their rights and services from the government. His detailed account of all the services provided by us to the public was very much appreciated by the villagers. He gave examples of successes achieved by filing RTI petitions and by handing the Zero Rupee Note to the corrupt official demanding bribe. Zero Rupee Note and 5th Pillar flier with relevant information was distributed to all the participants. He emphasized on the duties of each citizen to dissociate from the corruptive practices in order to develop a strong powerful stress free society.

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